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Become a Herbalife Distributor

Reasons to become a Herbalife Distributor

Lose Weight & Look Great   Business Opportunity to Make Money
Change to a Healthy  Lifestyle  
Extra income on the side

0-499 Volume points (Distributor & HAP Level)

500+ Volume points (Senior Consultant Level)

These are accumulated purchases made within a month and not per order.  You will immediately qualify for Distributor Level, and most people will qualify for Senior Consultant Level with Herbalife by their 2nd or 3rd order depending on their order size.

2000+ Volume points (Success Builder Level)

4000+ Volume points (Supervisor Level)

You can easily qualify for Success Builder or Supervisor Level with Herbalife within a short period of time by rapidly accumulating your purchases by placing orders for friends, family & co-workers.
Each Herbalife Distibutor Level has it's own benefits, to find out more please contact us!  
How much extra money can you earn
or use per month?


More reasons...

  • Order direct and skip the middle man
  • Sample products with your IBP Kit
  • Online training tools, videos & presentations

How to become a Herbalife Distributor

You can sign-up and become a Herbalife Distributor in a few minutes with the following 5 easy steps

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